Is there a hybrid app for iPhone or Android available ?

No, VORTEX is a webapp, such as Facebook, Instagram and many others. At this moment we don't see the necessity to release stand-alone app's since most of the people have nowadays an internet connection on their phones.

Why is the app programmed in Metric ?

VORTEX is made in a Metric system, which is the most used system in the world. However, the app (CONVERT) provides all necessary conversion units needed for scuba divers.

Do I need an internet connection to use the app ?

Yes indeed. A WIFI or a mobile network is required.

Is there a Help-file available in the app ?

Yes, VORTEX has indeed a help-file which explains in detail each function.

How to install the app on my mobile ?

The procedure is very simple. Browse to our website ( https://www.7thsensescience.com ) and copy the link to your main screen of your phone, or add a bookmark on your computer. This will create an icon which launches the app very easily. 

What languages are available in the app ?

VORTEX is programmed in English. However, most of the browsers provide a Google translate function in all languages.

Is there a free plan or a tryout plan ?

No there is no free plan or tryout. The price is already very low. If your want to try the app, the cost is 1 euro for one full month.

What subscriptions plans are existing ?

See our "Plans and Pricing" page in the menu.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time ?

Yes of course, in your profile you can cancel at any moment your subscription. However, you will be able to use the app until the term of your plan, but it will not be automatically renewed.

Can I apply for a refund when I cancel my subscription ?

Unfortunately not. However, you can cancel your membership at any time, see above.

Why should I accept cookies ?

Cookies are used to facilitate the function of our app. It remembers also your login and password in order you only have to login one time. However, it is recommended to accept the cookies when registering and to accept cookies in your webbrowser.

When you clear the cookies of your browser, you need to relogin when using VORTEX.

Feel free to read our disclaimer and privacy page. ( link at the bottom of each page )

Are updates included in my current subscription ?

Yes of course, all future updates are included in your subscription. VORTEX is continuously improving or extending the functions of the app. 

What to do if I need further assistance or when I have a question ?

Send us a mail by clicking CONTACT in the main menu. We usually reply the same day.

What to do if I have some recommendations ?

Send us a mail by clicking CONTACT in the main menu. We will be delighted to read your recommendations.